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Hollyhoque Ruffles Spaghetti Top in Vanilla
H&M Swing Skirt in Dusty Pink
Floral Heels (my own ;)

These pics were taken by my mum haha XD
Review on Hollyhoque's Ruffles Spaghetti Top in Vanilla:
Love this top for its colour and versatility! It can be worn 3 ways(off shoulder, with straps or as flutter sleeves) :) For $22.50 its really worth it imo even though it is sheer and needs inner tube. Have been looking for yellow tops as mentioned in my other posts and yes this is my fav one so far!:) It goes really well with light colours imo:) Material is ok as well, made of chiffon and has adjustable straps:)

uk6/8, 160cm:)

Visit my blog
(http://etherealpeonies.blogspot.com) for more pics on this item:))


I post reviews of apparels from TTR(the tinsel rack), megagamie, her velvet vase(hvv), Wonderstellar, The velvet dolls(tvd) etc!

hi! please leave some feedback for me please!:D greatly appreciated! ty so much ^^ Please leave it in this format: Name:
Item bought/sold:
Feedback: Positive/Negative/Neutral
Additional Comments:
Thank you so much:3

1)Yang jia xuan (yang_jiaxuan01@hotmail.com) asked for a few dollars off and i agreed. asked for meetup and i also agreed. when i asked her what time and where the meetup should be, she replied at first but nearing the actual day she started to ignore all my emails:(

2)Jolene (vintagejo@gmail.com) asked for best price with meetup and i gave her a few dollars off plus said ok to meetup. but she just ignored all my emails after that :( thats not nice at all! should at least reply and say " thanks i'll pass" ><!

3) ORAESINN (lj username) email: oraesinn@gmail.com
Bargained for ridiculous prices. The MIA-ed after confirming order. I threatened to blacklist her and she replied saying
payment will be made soon. MIA-ed again after that. HORRIBLE DEADBUYER >< DO NOT DEAL WITH HER K!! ><

4)ivyfera@yahoo.com    HP number: 81481861
Assured me that she is not a deadbuyer. However she took very long to reply my email/smses. Then confirmed order+promised payment. Backed out of the deal after that >:( not nice at all! ><

6)tayruiwen@live.com  (apologized)
apologized for "trouble caused", but still gotta blacklist her cos she confirmed the item and tried to MIA. I said i'll blacklist her if she doesnt reply. Then she finally replied and said she'll pass cos tight on cash. This is irresponsible buying!>< dont confirm if you dont have the ability to pay for it..><

7) kaixing.livejournal.com (love.kaixing@gmail.com)
did not reply my emails and delayed payment for more than a month before. Even though i dealed with her before, after the second time she just didnt bother replying my emails and completely backed out of the deal..

changed her order, confirmed the items then backed out of the deal. Very untrustworthy, promised to make payment by a certain day and just didnt bother replying my emails anymore. Do not deal with her>< Very insincere deadbuyer ><!

9)Irene Kerk (leapeng75@yahoo.com)
confirmed the item then promised to make payment. Backed out of deal afterwards, simply saying that she didnt want it anymore>< Insincere deadbuyer><

10) Celine Chu (celinechu89@gmail.com)
A very persistent buyer who kept pestering me for meetup although i already said i couldnt make it for meetups on the days she wanted. Spammed me with alot of emails. Then i finally agreed to arrange a meetup for her and then she just said she didnt want the item anymore. Very horrible deadbuyer! :((((( Do not deal with her>< wasted alot of my time and energy replying her tons of emails.

11) HO XIN YI (hoxinyi90@gmail.com)
A very horrible and not honest deadbuyer. Asked lots of question, asked for measurements and pictures, i provided. Then confirmed 2 items, asked for reg postage. I said ok. Then promised to make payment, mia-ed for 1 week. I emailed her she nv reply for like 3 days. I threatened to blacklist, she reply immediately and promised to make payment the next day. Then nxt day nv trnsf, i email her again, she say ibank down. ok i give her time to atm trnsf. Then she drag, and say that atm got trnsf le, but i DID NOT receive payment (she's lying obviously). So she said she'll check with bank, and ask if can just get 1 instead of 2 items. i say fine. Then she promised to make payment again, then mia-ed ever since. Super dishonest, kept giving excuses and making up lies. HORRIBLE DEADUBYER DO NOT DEAL WITH HER >:( Usually those who nv reply i just close one eye n let go, but she is rly horrible, top of my "horrible deadbuyer" list!>:(

Note to buyers: im a very nice person! please do reply my emails even if you dont wish to purchase the item >< i will not anyhow blacklist people unless they confirm with me that they would like to purchase then go MIA and cheat my feelings>.< so please do reply my emails! :) thanks for reading:)

LOOKING POST:  (Trades preferred but do email me if u have the pieces listed below :D)
1) TVD Chic Porter Shorts in White/Chestnut/Navy, Size S :) Less than or  $23mailed please :D
2)TVD relaxed button down blouse in sunshine yellow :) Less than or  $22mailed please:)  Found!!:)
3)HVV Pandora High Waist Shorts in Cream, Size S.   (Less than $22mailed please:D)
4) HVV Caribou Ruffled Playsuit in  Cream Less than $25mailed please:) Found!:)
5) Wonderstellar Items :D Email me and i'll see if theres anyth i like :D
6) Megagamie Slouchy Embroidery Rose Top in Blue    (Less than $23mailed please :D)

PS: Items on my looking post does not mean i will definitely purchase it from you if you have the item:) Will depend on price, condition etc also :D


Blogshop Loots PART 2:)

Michael Kors BLACK Fur Crossbody bag BRAND NEW $190 with free reg mail
note that colour shown is brown, im selling it in BLACK. Design is exactly the same:) NON nego no trades pls:)

Ashincans Teal Pearl Skater dress $24mailed! NO trades non nego. Rtp: $27mailed

14" ACROSS, 30.5" DOWN

link to bigger picture: http://ashincans.livejournal.com/44709.html

Balmain Inspired Black leather skirt with gold detailing, $20mailed.
Item is true to picture. Across ~38cm, length~40cm

HVV Lace Bib Blouse in Jade, $20mailed. NO trades non nego. BNIB

HVV Truffle Smocked Skirt in Grey $20mailed NO trades non nego pls:) BNIB

HVV Java Leather Skirt in Saffron $18mailed. NO trades non nego pls. BNIB

Swivelle Fendi Inspired Blouse in Cornsilk. Worn once lightly, $13mailed!

TOPSHOP White Sleeveless Collar Blouse. BN! $22mailed. No trades non nego pls:)
Exactly same as picture except for dipped back hem.
Earlgreyparty Midnight Heart Frock in Beige-Taupe. BNIB, BNWT. $26mailed! NO trades non nego:) Rtp:$27.50
Across: 18.5 inches   * Down: 31 inches    * Fit Size 6 - 10

Runwaybandits Damir Sparrow Blouse $25mailed. NO trades non nego:)
please go to runway bandit's website for accurate measurements:)

Runwaybandits Jose Chain Dress $24mailed. Rtp:$27.50
Black dress with chain details around collar. Back zipper for easy wearing. Made of good polyester material.
Measurements: PTP – 17inches, Length – 30inches. Fits UK 6 – 10
Model: 1.70m, UK6

RunwayBandits Hood Basic Velvet Tank in White $18mailed! NO trades non nego thnks:)
Measurements: PTP – 19inches, Length – 25inches. Fits UK 6 – 10
Model: 1.70m, UK6

Runwaybandits Mouton Asymmetrical blouse in white. $20mailed! NO trades pls:) slight nego
Please visit runwaybandit's website for accurate measurements:)

Samantha Thavasa Inspired Aimi Bag, BNIB. $32 $25mailed! strictly NO trades, non nego:)

Vivi Magazine, January 2012.  $6mailed! Rtp:$9.50 ,      NO trades please!
Chinese words, not japanese:) one pg missing

Vivi Magazine, December 2011.  $6mailed! Rtp:$9.50 ,      NO trades please!
Chinese words, not japanese:) one pg missing

Vogue Australia January 2012 issue. $7.50mailed! Rtp: $13.50   NO trades non nego pls:)
a few pages missing.

Sixntwelve Asymmetrical Ruffle Top in Turquoise, BNIB. $19.50mailed. Rtp:$25.50mailed. NO trades pls

Link to pic:  http://sixntwelve.myshopify.com/products/six-twelve-asymmetrical-ruffle-top-turquoise

Picnic Pussybow Blouse, BNIB. $19mailed!Rtp:$24mailed. NO trades non nego pls:)

HVV Nocturne Soft Jacket in English Rose, BNIB, $22mailed! Rtp: $26mailed.  NO trades non nego:)
Pit to pit 19 – 21 inches
Sleeve length approximately 23 inches
Length 26 inches

HVV Grove Chiffon Blouse in Berry BNIB, $19mailed! NO trades non nego:)

HVV Yves Minidress in Purple( from latest collection!) BNIB, NO trades non nego:) $23mailed!
Pit to pit 19.5 – 23 inches   , Length 30.5 inches,   rtp $28mailed

Black Straight Cut Pants, BNIB, $15mailed! To fit uk6-small10. Stretchable waistband.

1) Korean white fluffy bag, $16mailed! Fits A4. BN no defects.
measurements: 45cm, 29cm, 19cm
2) Esprit Floral Vintage handbag. Not able to fit A4. Slightly larger than A3. $15mailed! rtp:$40. BN
3)Red Birdie Sling bag. Able to fit A4 comfortably. condition: lightly used. $20mailed

Indiesin Black faux leather bucket bag. BN. $16mailed! unable to fit A4 SOLD
Kate spade inspired pink satchel. BN unused! $20mailed. slightly smaller than A4.
Nautical striped bag with whale charm. $16mailed. able to fit A4. condition: lightly used.

Zara Inspired WHITE Top, $15mailed! BNIB! NO trades pls:)

F21 Dashed Striped Top in Peach/Charcoal  Selling at $20.50mailed! Rtp:$27    Brand new, not washed before:)
NO trades, non nego. $0.50 off for immd confirmation+no qns asked:)
To fit uk6-10:)

HVV Caribou Ruffled Playsuit in Cream, BNIB. $22.50mailed! Rtp: $26.50mailed
NO trades, non nego:) Fits uk6-8

Her Velvet Vase Striped Summer Shorts in Blue. BNIB, no defects, $20mailed! Non nego, trades ok:) SIze S :)

Ashincans Simplicity Curl Top, BNIB (just arrived today! from latest collection)  $21mailed! non nego, no trades!

SUPRE Cropped Top with military gold buttons, tagged UK8. Can fit uk6-small 10 :) BN no defects. $10mailed!

Green Poppies Houston Coast Tote ( condition:9/10!, gently used. just bought last month)
RTP: $63.     Selling: $30 (not incld postage)
Item is True to picture:)

Zara Inspired Chinos. Comes with tag, brand new unwashed. Tagged size 26. (to fit uk6-big8/10)
mid Waist- 65-70cm
Measurements may vary by a few cm.

Gipsy scarlet Nalani Babydoll Top   Rtp:$27.50mailed    SELLING: $22mailed (NO TRADES, NON NEGO)

A sweet and girly babydoll bow-tie top for casual day out.  Pair it with shorts and you're good to go.

Measurements: PTP 12"-18", 21.5" down.   Made of quality cotton. OOS ON SITE:) BNIB:)

Gipsy Scarlet Cyrena Tunic   RTP: $27.50mailed  SELLING: $22mailed. NO TRADES NON NEGO
(OOS on site) BNIB!!

Soft and flowy tunics are best options for a laze-around Sunday.  Match this greek inspired tunic dress with flats and bangles and you're good to go.  Comes with complimentary inner-tank top.

Made of chiffon and cotton.   Measurements: Waist 12"-21", 32" down.

Assorted belts at $2.50/$8.50mailed each!:)
Design A, E, C,D SOLD :)

Checkered shorts, $22mailed! NO trades:)
waist 68cm, length 35cm

Authentic Arnold Palmer A-line purple skirt, semi structured. Worn once only:) $22mailed!
Colour is only slightly darker than in picture, with arnold palmer logo at the bottom right hand side.
To fit UK6-small10

Paul Frank Lip Smacker in Banana Strawberry.
Swatched 2X on back of hand. Bought 2weeks ago:)

White Statement Feather Earrings, BNIB. $5mailed! NO trades non nego pls.:)

Amethystory Mineral Bubble face wash. Used once time only. $9.50mailed! Rtp:~$15.

These items are ALL BRAND NEW and at really good prices!!(Just wanna clear my exploding wardrobe T.T) (pls note that only mailing is available:), meet ups at my convenience only. :) Prices r slightly nego, but please dont quote $5 off or smth ><

Poppy Signature Sateen Lurex Small Slim Zip wallet! VERY VERY NEW!! just bought like a few months ago and its in really great condition.(9.5/10) selling at $150mailed. Fast deals(confirmation+payment within 2 days): $160  $140 mailed:) Colour and design is very true to pic. NONONO trades

Details: • Outline Signature sateen fabric with Lurex and leather trim • Credit card and multifunction pockets • Bill compartments • Zip coin pocket • Size: 5½”(L) x 3½”(H) • Color: Light Sweetheart

Topshop White Sleeveless Raised Flower Tunic BN! UK 8, Stretchy material. (prob can fit uk 10 too)
Rtp: $40+, Selling at $23mailed!  no trades!
Do google the name of this item if you wish to see close up details. Or email me for the steps to view the upclose;D

TSR Pocket Tunic Shirt.   Rtp: $33.50 mailed, Selling at:$28  $24  $21mailed! this item was oos on site within minutes! non nego pls:) no trades too><

Fox Straight cut jeans, only worn once! selling at $20mailed! To fit UK 6-big 8. Tagged W35, around 41/42cm length is around 98-101cm. Can be cufffed up if too long:)

Thegorgeouslook black rabbit hover top, Rtp:$22.50  , selling at $15mailed!
BNIB, non nego, no trades, but $1 off for immd confirmation+payment within 24hrs!

Esprit Black Shorts, Rtp around $40+, selling at $25mailed! slightly nego Condtion: Worn once only! Ptp: approx 39-42cm length: approx 27-28cm

-Dressabelle Braided chiffon dress ( looks EXACTLY like HVV's! , except dressabelle's has a banded waist:) refer to pic:) $17 mailed: )

-PASTEL MINT TAPERED TROUSERS *EXCLUSIVE TO EATINGZOMBIE* Bought at 28 mailed, selling at 20 $19mailed only!!! :) BNIB : ) not worn, not washed!

- Green poppies Cilantro Frappe dress $18 mailed:) bought at $27.50. BNIB :) (does not come with inner camisole when bought)

2) Dressabelle white top $10, BNI B

-Forever 21 Striped tank in RED ( it looks exactly like the pic, just that the stripes r red n white:) $10 mailed:) BNIB

Polkadotpigs topshop inspired tank top in peach.BNIB, $15 mailed: )

ps: please email hoppybunnies@hotmail.com to order!:) and please read order details before purchasing!:)

Bags, Pouches, Makeup, Misc!


Newlook Weaved bag, BNWT! selling at $15 mailed, can fit A4 :)

Antenna shop humming sleeve jacket for iphone/ipods etc:) hot selling in korea! selling at $8 mailed:) colour: Hot pink(1st one),  actual colour is true to picture. Made of soft, quality suede material:)!

Coral bear wallet, just bought at bugis not long ago for $20++. selling at $15 mailed! brand new, condition 10/10! colour more true to second pic:) details: has a large coin compartment, 10 card compartments, 4 long compartments, 2 dollar bill compartments:)

Vintage Sunglasses- $7mailed
Yellow weaved cardholder-$3mailed
Burgundy red notebook-$6mailed
Yellow,lavender, pink twirly hairband-$2mailed for all 3
Candy pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed
Lace pastel pink ribbon hairtie-$4mailed

ELF bronzer in sunkissed, swatched a few times. $3.50
Anna Sui eyeshadow in 303(pink), 2.4g. Swatched once. $6.50
Maybelline Clear Smooth powder foundation in shade 03. Swatched once. $5
ELF eyeshadow brush. BNIB. $2.50
Majorlica Majorca Lash King, Brand new. $8.50 ;Automatic Eyeliner in Brown. Swatched once. $6
NYX Jumbo Lip pencil in 719 Pecan. Swatched once. $2
MAC Lipglass in Early Bloomer. Brand New. $8.50
Rachel K Mineral BB Cream. BNIB. $13

Clarins Iris Toner-50ml, 2/3 left, $4mailed
The Face Shop Trouble healing spot treatment (for pimples) Brand new! $6mailed! rtp:~$20
ZA Amino face cleanser and moisturizing gel- $2.50mailed for both
Clinique Cleansing foam, 50ml, $6mailed
ELF shimmering facial whip in Lilac Petal, Brand new, $3mailed
Canmake Nose shading powder(for contouring), $6mailed, Swatched once. rtp:$~18
Olivella Shampoo Brand new, $4mailed

Double eyelid tape, approx 320pairs, $4.50mailed
Cheeky Ginger Citrus soap, BN, $4mailed

Thefaceshop nail polish in cobalt
Rimmel Pro Nail polish in Brown
OPI nail lacquer Shrek collection (colour as shown), mini size
Face shop nail polish in midnight blue
Sally hansen quick dry coat, BN, $6mailed
Face shop nail polish in pearl white
Face shop nail polish in dreamy pink
Rimmel Pro Matte nail coat (slightly yellow but once applied its transparent)
NYC glitter nail polish in 105. (great for layering!)
Rimmel pro nail polish in fuschia

All rimmel colours-$3mailed
All faceshop & NYC colours;$2mailed
OPI colours-$4.50mailed
Sally hansen-$5mailed

Majorlica Majorca Puff de Cheeks, code 302, swatched once, v new, $16mailed
ELF Body shimmer in mystic moonlight, swatched once, v new, $5mailed
Stylenanda eye crayon in champagne, 2/3 left,  $5mailed
Ardell Lash and Brow growth accelerator swatched once, v new, $5mailed
Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream, 1st shade, BN, $17mailed.
ELF Total Face Brush BN $4mailed
Rimmel Lipgloss, swatched once. $5.50mailed
Clinique Chubby stick in whoopin watermelon, swatched once, slightly smaller than full size product. $6mailed
Inuovi Face glitter( or u can mix it in nail polish to make glitter polish) $2mailed, BN
ELF Cream eyeshadow, swatched once, v new, $3.50mailed

Considering sale only(Quote me yr best price, i'll see if i want to sell it:) )

NARS Blush in Deep Throat, swatched a few times, very new Rtp:$40+
Revlon Blush+Bronzer, swatched a few times Rtp:~$23
Amazing Concealer in Fair, swatched once. Rtp:~$50
Clinique All about eyes eye cream, 7ml. BN unused. $7mailed. Lasts for quite long, rtp much higher!

Assorted hairbands-$3mailed for 3
Colours: Indigo, sky blue, teal green
                 Tea rose, candy pink, coral pink

Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Pink Me Up Sample(just abit smaller than retail product)  $7mailed! (rtp: ~$25)

Maybelline Angelfit powder foundation in Light Ochre(1st shade). Lightly used 2X, will wash sponge and sanitize properly before mailing. $7mailed! NO trades, non nego:)

Napolean Perdis Lipgloss set(Authentic!) Middle colour used 3X, other colours swatched once. Lipbrush NOT used. $5mailed! NO trades, non nego:)

Canmake Colour Wishes in 01(the first silvery shade). Swatched 2X on back of hand. $4mailed!

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes in No. 10. (limited edition!) Swatched once on back oh hand. Very new!

Moroha eyeliner in  02(highlighter side is pale pink). Duo sides(one side liquid eyeliner, other side pencil)  used 3X . $5mailed!

Faceshop Nail Polish in PP404. Very sweet lavender shade. 70%left. $1.50mailed!

Faceshop Nail Polish in BK901. 95% left, $1.70mailed! Black colour:) Note: polish is from normal range, not Faceit range:)

Canmake Nail Polish in Pink 51. BN but outer abit worn out. $2mailed! Note: polish not from colourful nails range but colour v similar:)

Faceshop French Nail Sticker, used one only! $1.70mailed! Note: Item's packaging diff from pic. But product is for the same purpose.

Inuovi Professional blush puff. (selling the puff only!) used 1X, will wash before mailing. $2mailed!
Note: Ribbon is red for actual item:)

Lancaster Ultra Protection Tan Control Sample Size, $2mailed!

NIVEA 3 in 1 Pinkish Boost Lip care, swatched once. $4mailed!

Vanilla Lip balm/gloss with small shimmers. BN still sealed. $4mailed!

Silkygirl Duo eyeshadow in Cool Chic. $3 mailed! will provide BN applicator brush.

IN2IT Duo eyeshadow , usage as shown. $4mailed. will provide brand new eyeshadow applicator:)

UG New York waterproof lipliner retractable in Brown. BN still sealed. $4mailed!

Cyber Colours Powder Eyebrow Pencil in Black, lightly used 3X. $3mailed!
sorry for blurred image! email me if u wld like to see actual pic of product ;D

Dior addict lip gloss in coral fantasy, Brand new in box, with tag! bought it for $40 from BHG. $34 $15mailed! (+$1 off for immd payment:)

From left to right:
Liese Moisturizing hair mist(refill) - about 40%left.   $7.50 mailed (RTP:$20)
Britney Spears Curious Whipped body souffle - 90% left     $6.50mailed
The body shop peppermint foot soak - 95% left  $8 mailed (RTP: ~$20)
Loreal Night Hair Cream -85% left $7.50 mailed (Rtp:~$20)

Left to right: (all Brand New!!)
Lancaster eye multi revitalising cream, 3ml ($2mailed!)

Left to right: (All totally brand new!!)

Lancaster SPF20 sunblock (UVA, UVB)  10ml    $2.50mailed!

MISC: SOFT TOYS(all brand new, condition 9/10 or 10/10 unless stated!)

winnie the pooh soft toy, brand new(received as a present) $11 mailed! (retailing at $20++ outside) size: about 27cm in height :)

Chihuahua soft toy, made of super good material. i bought this at $35.90 not long ago. selling at $15 mailed(slightly nego). still has tag on its neck:

ps: please email hoppybunnies@hotmail.com to order!:) and please read order details before purchasing!:)

Prices are slightly negotiable:) please email hoppybunnies@hotmail.com to place an order:) Most items are in good condition/new unless stated so:) All items fit UK 6-8 :) PLease help me with my impulse buys! thank you:):):)

1) Red slingbag/ School bag (bought in austrailia for $99! can fit A4) selling at: $40

3)Babydoll Dress, $11, Brand new!

4)Grey babydoll dress $11 Brand new!

5)Blue denim skirt $12 Brand new!

6)Newlook Colourblock dress $13 Brand new!


7)White babydoll dress $10, Brand new!

8) Fox Top $10 Brand new but washed once.

9)Black cotton on dress, $9, Brand new!!

10) Electric blue top, $9. Looks great with a white tee shirt inside!


12) Marcs Jacob coin pouch $15 Brand new! bought at $40><

13) Glee notebook. $5, brand new!

14)Esprit floral vintage bag. $37. Brand new! Bought at $50

15)Forever 21 gold wallet. $9. Brand new!!

16) Bow denim skorts $6 Mailed:) fits uk6-8. stretchy material!:) Brand new, nv worn before :)

17) Authentic Arnold palmer dress!:) only worn once. Bought at $50 over, selling at $24 mailed!:)

18) Earl grey party's zipper motorcycle jacket! BNIB:) oos on website. $15 mailed(selling on website for $20 w/o postage)

22) Sports hoodie tee, brand new! $ 7 mailed:)

23) Amber avenue cream dress, brand new! $ 9 mailed:)

Floral grey pouch $6mailed, brand new never used before.

Esprit Nautical Stripes top. only worn once, selling at $10 mailed. to fit uk6-8.

Bershka Safari Dress, colour true to pic. Worn once. $12 mailed:)

Cotton on Floral dress, never worn before! Wearing it only for picture taking sake. $10 mailed:)

Lzzie floral cami  (lzzie is located @bugis junction)
bought at $24+, selling at $12 mailed.
A super super pretty piece!<3 selling it cos i have it in pink :) prints r true to pic:)

Cotton on mid wash denim vest, $5 mailed:) worn once:)

All the below Cds and DVDs are at highly discounted prices!:) So grab them while you can! :)
PS: All the items below are in super good condition! either 9/10 or 10/10 condition!:) All prices are in Singapore dollars:)

1) Boys Over Flowers DVD! (korean version)
   Price:  $18 (bought at $49.90!)

2)Personal Taste DVD (featuring Lee MinHo and Son Ye Jin)
   $15 (bought at $30)

3)Oh!My Lady DVD! (featuring Choi Si Won from Super Junior)
   $15(bought at $30)
   Comes with FREE NOTEBOOK!


4)Hwangjini DVD (featuring Jang Geun Suk and Ha Ji Won!!:)
   $10 (bought at $20)

5) SS501 Super Hits CD+DVD

6)Boys over flowers OST 1
   $13(Bought at $21.90)

7) Boys over flowers OST 2
    $11(Bought at $20)

8) SS501 Rebirth Album
     $12(Bought at $22.90)

9) Shi Xin Huey Queen Album
    $6 (Bought at $20)

10) Rainie Yang - Ban Shu Xuan Yan Album
$10(Bought at $20)

11) Rainie Yang-Yu Ai album(her latest album)
      $12(Bought at $20)

12) Angela Zhang- Di Wu Ji Album (her latest album)
       $12(bought at $20)

13)Jolin Tsai - Butterfly, Hua Hu Die Album
$11(bought at $20)

14) Cyndi Wang- Honey Album

15) Cyndi Wang- With U Album

16)Cyndi Wang- Magic Cyndi Album

17)Cyndi Wang- FLY ablum

18) Cyndi Wang-Heart to heart, Xin Dian Xin Album(latest album)
     $10(bought at $20)

19)Personal Taste OST
      $10(Bought at $20)

20)Tokyo Love Album
      $10(bought at $20+)

21)Namie Amuro- Best fiction
     $8(bought at $20)

22) Jonas Brothers-A Little Bit Longer
$10(Bought at $20)

23)Elva Hsiao- 3 Faced Album
     $10(Bought at $20)

24)Demi Lovato-Dont Forget Album

25)Duffy-Rockferry Album

26)Jack Johnson-Sleep through the static album

28)Christina Aguilera- Keeps gettin better album

29)Alicia Keys- As I Am album

30) Britney Spears- Blackout album

31) Aly and AJ- Insomniatic


Love Bonito Theodora Knit Cardigan in Dusty Pink

LB gretchen cardi in hazelnut/beige
LB Coleridge Knit top in cream
LB Camila Corset in Black, XS
LB Shoelle Shrug in Cream

Hvv batwing top in dark grey

Hvv chanel inspired tweed dress in black

Hvv dior inspired dress in cream

Hvv asym skirt in pale jade

Hvv Patio Oversized Tunic in White  

Hvv asymm frappe skirt in caramel
HVV Asymmetrical skirt in jade

HVV iso taupe skirt in camel
HVV Bohemian Eyelet Skirt in Navy

HVV antonoff pad top in Dark orange
HVV frou shorts in Beige, size S
HVV embellished stud tunic in Nude
HVV Sachi Oversized blouse in Oatmeal
HVV pastel abstract frock in grecian
HVV Amaretti Embellishment Top in Magenta
HVV chartreuse smocked blouse in teal greige
HVV topaz embellished top in blue
HVV Betsey Polka Dress in pale aqua
HVV Palette Chiffon dress in Daffofil Yellow

Catwalkclose cwc slouch laidback top in clover green

Catwalkclose chic HW shorts in black, size M

cwc asym quirky top in lavender

CWC flounce frock in Turquoise
CWC Chiffon Highwaisted Skirt in Khaki, size S
CWC overlay top in cream, size S
CWC Calista Swing Skirt in Creme

Dressabelle reversible dress in ocean

Dressabelle pink top

Swatch double wrap watch in white

Swatch double wrap watch in baby blue    

Ipod classic in black,     

Gipsy scarlet tiffany dress,    

Supre Black Dress

Mango corset tank

Indiesin cropped striped tee

Modparade Galactica cut out dress

TTR suede cigar pants in navy, size M
TTR suede cigar pants in navy, size S
TTR Jolly shandy peterpan top in Black/Turquoise
TTR Everyday is Valentine's sweetheart bustier dress in Teal, S
Zara Pencil Skirt in Black

Topshop Scallop Edge Top

Topshop Paperbag Skirt

Moschino Leather Belt

Kelly Clarkson-My December CD

Molten Brown Gift Set

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

Swivelle River Inspired Trousers in Dome Blue
The velvet dolls chiffon shrug in apricot
Asos Cheesecloth Villa Tunic
Gipsy Scarlet Peach Chiffon Tank
Clinique Lipstick in Extreme Pink
Benefit Erase paste in medium, 002.
Benefit girl meets Pearl 7.5g
Cherninshan Donna Swing Floral skirt
Dr Martens Inspired Walkers in Black, size 37
{C}Famous Magazine 11 Sept 2011 issue
Famous Magazine 18 Sept Issue
CLEO magazine October Issue
VS Sweetheart Top
TVD Relaxed Button Down Blouse in Sunshine Yellow
The Style Mafia Tribal Dreamcatcher Necklace
Essie Nail polish in Mint Candy Apple
Clinique All About Eyes Cream 7g
F21 Brush Set
Maybelline Pink Me Up Lipstick
Lancaster Infinite Bronzer in 001
Sephora Hair Detox Spray
Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
Lovelyspree Chanel Tee
Chersamme Zara Skirt
Benefit High Beam Sample
Famous Magazine 25 Sept issue
I Love Dior Perfume(sample size)
Topshop Aztec Fringe Top
Topshop Pima Knot Top
Benefit Browzing Sample size
Benefit Benetint Full Size
Benefit Posietint Travel Size
Benefit Browzing(full size)
Benefit Moon Beam Full Size
OPI in Save Me
OPI in Go On Green!
Tarte On the go blush and bronzer
Maybelline collagen watershine lipgloss
F21 Eyebrow/Eyelash Brush
LA Girls Nail Polish in Dance Crazy
The face shop nail polish in BR
the face shop nail polish in GR
Japan Eyelash Curler
Mentholatum peachy coral gloss
NYX concealer Jar in 03
Assorted brown belts-A
Assorted brown belts-E
Assorted belts -C
Assorted belts-D
Greenpoppies black tiered wavy skirt
TVD Skittles Skirt in wildberry, size S
TTR Fairylights fishtail skirt in Salmon, S.
Clinique all about eyes serum sample
ZA Blush Vibrante in 01
Rimmel foundation in ivory
Moroha eyeliner in 01
Curious Lipgloss
MAC Mineralize Blush in Miss Behave
Australis Face Primer
Lacepipe shimmer tweed dress in cream
Supre Cropped Top
Editor's Market Bagpack
Ashincans celine inspired shrug in black
OSF pearl collar dress
Megagamie Boho Eyelet Shrug in Creme
Megagamie Meet me in my jeans in vintage blue
Nude feather earrings
NYX glitter powder in blue
Elf mist and set spray
Kate spade blackberry/iphone cover in sunshine yellow
Silkygirl eyeshadow in monet lavender
silkygirl eyeshadow in purple glitters
la pensee eyeshadow quad in icy blue
Indiesin bucket bag
Wonderstellar criss cross top in Navy
Agneselle Flower girl pleated dress in ruby
Alexander Wang Inspired belt in Gold
Constance Lace Knit Dress
Sportsgirl Lip Balm
Kate Spade inspired pink satchel
Korean Fluffy bag with matching pouch
CWC Marine Culottes in S
MGG Rose Embroidery top in Fuschia
TTR Snowfall Confetti Dress in S
Lacepipe Waterfall Cascading maxi skirt in Mint
Pmt spring bralet
CWC Melody Sweetheart Top in Rose
Korean Vintage Lace Inspired top
Modparade Bowmance skirt
Arnold Palmer Shirtdress
Olivella Shampoo
Agneselle Sicily shorts in Tropical, S
TVD Springfling Bralet in Florals, S
TFS Nail Polish in Midnight Blue
TFS Nail Polish in Shimmery White
Hwangjinyi DVD set
Marchesa Inspired Pleat Dress
SMooch Delia Tiered Dress in French Rose, S
MGG Marshmallow Clinch Blouse in Jade
Canmake shading powder
Chihuahua Plush
Pooh Plush
Chanel Mat Lumiere sample
Inuovi Blush Puff
NP Gloss set
Maybelline angelfit foundation
Silkygirl eyeshadow in cool chic
Canmake colour wishes in 01
Moroha Liner
AE Denim Crop Top in Mid Wash
Topshop Sleeveless Top
TVD Pixie Eyelet Dress in White
SMooch Morrocan Dream Dress
TVD Moschino Military Blouse
MGG Tee Time Top in Nude
TTR Marshmallow Skirt in Aquamarine
TSR Pocket Shirt
HVV Java Leather Skirt in Saffron
TVD Bianca Lace Dress in Peach
Ashincans Teal Pearl Skater Dress
Gelliz Elliot Ombre Maxi Skirt
H&M Brown Leather mini skirt
LRH Paige Buckle Swing Skirt in Cobalt
Light Wash Denim HW Shorts
Tweed Grey Shorts
LBV Laurell Crotchet Top
TFS Nail Polish in Cobalt
Rimmel Matte Nail Polish
Double Eyelid Tape(pack of ~320)
Majorlica Majorca Mascara
MAC Lipglass in Early Bloomer
ELF Eyeshadow Brush
Amazing Concealer in Fair
Megagamie That Tropical Crotchet Top in Lilac
Flaunt Floral Tea Dress
Pearlavish Eyelet Dress in Yellow
Pearlavish Eyelet Dress in Lilac
Lilypirates Denim Sundress


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